It's A Thought of Sorts.... A Indication of #Whatstocome


Before I spread my wings
And let you see deep inside me
I’m hoping that you get free
Free enough to accept all of who
I be

Time has passed
Though you know of me
You don’t know me really
Then you leave it up to gadgets and falsified projections
Which is quite silly

I’m standing right here in front of you
As I have been for years
And the only thing that has kept you from me
Is your fear

In my extraction
Which I’m sure you haven’t noticed
I’ve grown
And am now pushing for my own
That spawns beyond the limits of this city
And its boxed minds

So i figured .. now might be a good time


released November 19, 2018
Fathom Dj Drum Programming
Self Black Keys
Junius Paul Bass
Dani Notsba Vocals
Pap Spencer Engineer


all rights reserved



fathom dj Chicago

Fathom (fathem) dj / music stylist to penetrate and come to understand. Coming from the rubble of what some consider a very trying time in the world of music, the universe inserts Fathom DJ. “My mission To be the conveyor of the feeling of good music regardless to genre.” ... more

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